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Mary Zimnik


(Cover of White Paper: Oct. 6, 2015)

[Web] founder Berners-Lee recently said: “If we end up building all the things I can imagine, we’ll have failed.” We cannot know where the imagination will take us.

The Web Today

In the 32¹ or so years since its inception by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the web has evolved to be more than merely a linkable publishing hub or suite of online storefronts. Today, in what is considered its 3rd iteration (Web 3.0) with its use of artificial intelligence and semantics [in…

In 1860, three years after its founding, “The Atlantic” endorsed Abraham Lincoln and would not again until 104 years later with Lyndon B. Johnson. In only its third-ever endorsement, they do so for Hillary Clinton. It’s not hard at all to seize upon the common thread: to battle for equality for all, the foundation of American democracy. And although one could argue as with Johnson, this is not a pure endorsement, but one against the evils of the opponent, so be it. The endorsement stands as one proclaiming the essential nature of this election and what it demands of us in return — to protect the Constitution in this delicate, hazardous moment.


Mary Zimnik

Photograph disaster, beauty, life; studied theology; met saints/sinners. Write, design, teach, nomad, ghost wrangle, gator whisper—I bring all that to the page.

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